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Ottawa Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Fan Repairs

We specialize in Bathroom and Kitchen Ventilation and Exhaust System repairs, installations, and upgrades for your home or rental property.

Poor air quality from mold, dankness, grease and cooking vapors is unhealthy for your family and for your home.

This happens because most older homes have bathroom and kitchen fans that were installed years ago to meet the minimum standards.  These fans make a lot of noise, but provide little air movement.

And new homes are not much better.

Without adequate ventilation, normal activities such as laundry, cooking and showers can cause excessive moisture and noxious fumes resulting in high humidity, bacterial or fungus growth and lingering odours.  Some of your family members may have headaches, or irritations of the nose, throat, lungs, eyes or skin.

Your home itself also suffers.  Prolonged build-up of moisture levels in the walls and attic causes both visible and hidden damage to the finish, to the structure and to the efficiency of insulation.

We've solved this problem!

For Bathrooms:

1) Simple Fan Repair - improved ventilation at the lowest possible cost.

2) Upgraded Fan Replacement - your system maximized - the most powerful and quietest fan that your ventilation system can support.

3) Full System Replacement - high performance, high capacity, super-quiet 130-200 cfm fans, plus new full-sized insulated ducting and animal and storm-proofed steel roof or wall vents to maintain the best possible indoor air quality.

For Kitchens:

1) Under-Cabinet Range Hood Replacement - high performance, super-quiet 300 cfm hood fan in white or stainless finish, to maintain the best possible indoor air quality.

2) Wall-Mount Range Hood Replacement - high performance, high capacity 450 cfm stainless hood fan that matches your higher-end kitchen decor while maintaining the best possible indoor air quality

Our Approach

We pride ourselves in taking an old-fashioned view of what we do - attentive service and good quality work at a fair price.

We understand how difficult and inconvenient it is for you to arrange necessary work on your property, so we do our best to fit into your schedule.  We take the time to consult with you and to explain in detail the nature of our proposed solution and its rationale, and ensure that everything is well-documented.

Please Contact us to discuss how we can solve your problem.

Providing a few details such as the nature of the problem, the age of your home and its type, or a street address, will allow us to do some preliminary analysis so that we can immediately be informative!

What Else We Do

We also specialize in general Electrical and Plumbing repairs and upgrades, as follows:

  • Dryer Vent installation or repair
  • Washer / Dryer installation
  • Tap repair and replacement
  • Sink replacement
  • Toilet repair and replacement
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Garbage Disposal installation
  • Water Filter System installation
  • Air Humidifier installation
  • Energy Saving Programmable Furnace Thermostat installation
  • Ceiling Fan installation
  • Light Fixture installation
  • Electrical Rough-In for renovated basements or additions
  • Door and Window hardware replacement
  • Electrical and Plumbing Troubleshooting and Repairs
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